Weddings at Hedsor House are the ultimate in elegance

Such an elegant wedding at the most stunning Hedsor House in Bucks.  I have never seen so many people in the bridal suite.  Many makeup artists, hairdressers and nannies.  There was a real buzz.  One of the hottest days of 2019.  It was like being in a sauna and as a photographer there’ s no hiding in the shade.  I think i must have lost a few pounds that day.  The ceremony took place at Hedsor church located in the grounds and the guests all walked through the woodland to the church.

Many guests had travelled overseas and it was lovely to see such a happy congregation.  The guests wore some exquisite outfits which were simply out of this world and I have to say I had wardrobe envy.   The bride seemed as calm as a cucumber & when she entered the church, smiles radiating from every direction.  The colours in the church were vibrant and beautiful.  A guest sung beautiful songs whilst the register was being signed.

Drinks were taken outside overlooking the most adorable countryside .  It was a very sophisticated affair.  The groom was Danish so it was a real treat to be part of a wedding that introduced the Dutch wedding traditions.  Instead of clapping they would thump their hands on the table.  The was so much laughter.

Dancing and drinking through the night made for a splendid day.  Such a lovely group of friends and family. What an elegant wedding at Hedsor House.

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