The Bridal Preps

The bridal preps are the most exciting time of a wedding To ensure you get the most beautiful bridal preps photos on your wedding day consider these tips:

Clutter-free background

Clear surfaces from clutter to ensure clean backgrounds for your bridal photos. Keep the room free of items that could distract from your beautiful dress, amazing flowers and finer details.

Hand one of your bridesmaids the job of keeping an eye on any mess building and tackling it before it grows out of control. You’ll be glad you did when you look back at the photos.

Hairdresser and Makeup Artist

Invest in a hairdresser and make-up artist to ensure you look gorgeous when your photographer arrives. Yes, it may be an extra expense but it’s one that will really enhance your photos and you’ll feel a million dollars as these professionals pamper you in preparation for your wedding.

preparing for beautiful bridal preps

Surprise your bridal party with gifts

While they are not expecting to receive anything on the day, it’s a lovely touch to give them something small. Your bridesmaids will appreciate the gesture and the emotion will provide wonderful photos for your wedding collection.

Matching pyjamas!

A bridal party in matching silk outfits are super cute. It’s a wonderfully elegant look that never fails to impress. Silk robes or pyjamas are a beautiful touch for bridesmaids to wear during bridal preparations.

Hang your dress

Hang your wedding dress to ensure you have a clean photo before it gets slightly messy during the day. If possible ask someone to help make sure it hangs without creases or folds that won’t show well in the photos.

Hang the dress on the most beautiful hanger you can find to provide that extra detail that will make your bridal photos even more perfect.

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Create a meaningful music playlist

Create a mix of different genres and eras because this mix will provide great background noise in the bridal suite. These tracks will provide a lovely reminder every time you hear them that triggers the memory of how fantastic the day was.

Showcase your accessories.

These details make all the difference. Consider a few wedding extras to take your bridal photos from good to great. Items such as perfume bottles, your engagement ring, new shoes, cuff links, etc make for great heartfelt photos.

Bring a bottle of fizz to enjoy

A bottle of champagne is always appreciated after all the excitement and can be shared with those who helped you get ready for your big day. It’ll also help settle any nerves and butterflies you may have on the wedding morning.

preparing for beautiful bridal preps

Have a picture-perfect moment with each member of your bridal party

Weddings are busy days and it’s not unusual to run out of time. So, whilst you’re in control, get your photographer to take some special bridal preps photos with each of your bridesmaids.

Most bridal parties are small so it’s easy to give everyone time without any interruptions during the day.


When you choose the place to be prepared you should look for a hotel room, apartment or house which offers plenty of natural light and is packed with rooms. Make sure you find spaces that have plenty of big floor to ceiling windows.

Have fun!

The main point of your wedding is to have fun. Natural photography is good. My style of photography is unobtrusive. We won’t order you or take you anywhere you don’t want. Relax and let this day flow naturally. Weddings should be about capturing these memorable moments for yourself.

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Allow yourself extra time

However long you think it may take you to get ready, add about 30 minutes extra time. In many cases, bridal preps take longer than expected! You’ll be glad of the extra time when you take a look at your wedding album.


It’s crucial to ensure you get the most beautiful photos of your bridal preparations on your wedding day. One way to do this is by following these tips for organising and preparing during bridal preps. If you’re having trouble with any aspect, don’t hesitate to contact your wedding photographer. They’ll be happy to help with advice or suggestions that will improve how you look in photographs before your big day arrives.

preparing for beautiful bridal preps

An experienced wedding photographer is key

Make sure you find the right wedding photographers for your bridal photos to ensure they capture everything perfectly. A quality wedding photography company will go above and beyond to ensure you get fantastic images that last a lifetime. My name is Helen Weir and I am a wedding photographer based in Hertfordshire. Are you getting married soon? Get in touch today to discuss your wedding.

How did you prepare for the bridal preps? I’d love to hear!

preparing for beautiful bridal preps