Engagement Shoot Tips

Down Hall Engagement

Just a few tips for the day:

The most important thing during your engagement shoot is to be yourself! The whole purpose of the shoot is to capture exactly who you are, and show your personalities. If you pick an outfit that just isn’t ‘you’, you’ll feel uncomfortable, and, it’ll show in the photos.

You’ll want to blend with each other, rather than looking the same.

Use your location. Think about what looks will best set against the background of your photos. 

We will get some amazing shots of your engagement ring. So make sure that the ring is sparklingly clean, and perhaps think about getting your nails done.


  • Wear white or khaki (they can make pale complexions seem washed out)
  • Fluorescent colours (such as bright orange) tend to colour cast on faces, necks and hair. When the shirt is so bright, it often also changes the colour of the person standing next to them.
  • Wear anything with big logos or lots of writing
  • Large Patterns: Wide-striped shirts, dresses and tops with large patterns on them such as large polka dots, or animal prints.
  • Wear exactly matching outfits
  • Wear white socks that peek out of your trousers!
  • Major changes with your hair and makeup: You want your engagement photos to reflect who you really are, and you want to be comfortable in your own skin.
Additional Tips:
  • You can never go wrong with neutrals! If you want to be safe, wear all neutrals
  • If you both decide to wear colourful outfits, consider taking a look at the colour wheel. You can’t go wrong with complementary colours.